2016 DSTILL Showcase Registration
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The DSTILL Showcase returns! 

Join dozens of craft distilleries for the ultimate tasting event where distillers sample their spirits to ticket purchasers, bartenders, media, peers and other industry leaders. The event will take place on Friday, September 23 at the History Colorado Center. Limited distillery space available so act quickly. Both distillery booths and general admission ticketing sells out every year. We expect an attendance of 1,000 guests at the Showcase. 

Product: All product must be zero invoiced upon delivery. Please anticipate enough product for one-eighth (1/8 oz) to one-quarter ounce (1/4 oz) pours to satisfy this number. We will email you more details on production quantity expectations upon registration.

Tickets: Registration includes a total of 4 tickets. We will provide 2 designated staff with distiller credentials. Registration also includes 2 tickets to the event. Any additional tickets will need to be purchased. 

Cocktails: Tasting tables are encouraged to be utilized primarily for tastings. If you elect to sample a cocktail at your table, please be mindful that: Tasting Cocktails may only be served in the provided tasting glass. Please, no additional cups. Cocktail pours should be no more than 2 ounces. Distillers are responsible for their own bartenders. If you require a staff person beyond the two allotted staff passes, please remember that you will need to account for that person in your two additional tickets or purchase a ticket. 

Full load in details for the Showcase, along with the schedule for the week, will be released upon distillery registration.  

NOTE: Spirits producers pouring at the showcase must be represented by the US Distilled Spirits Permit (DSP) that produces the product.  Only one table is allowed per DSP.

NOTE: DSTILL will provide signage at each table on behalf of each distiller. Signs are tastefully presented, consistently branded and displayed high above each booth to ensure proper and equal visibility for all. Signs will include Distillery Name, City/Town, and State. Additional information, including logo and website, will be listed in the event program. In order to maintain a consistent, clean look and present the most positive experience to event attendees, DSTILL does not allow signage, banners, skirting, or any branded promotional décor. 

The following are NOT PERMITTED: 

  • Horizontal banner taped to front of table
  • Table covers
  • Posters or banners fastened to the walls
  • Stickers
  • Stand-up/pop-up banners
  • Taped posters or banners
  • Tasting cups. All pours must be in the provided DSTILL tasting glass

The following are PERMITTED:

  • Pamphlets or Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Table Décor.  Keep branding on top of the table, nothing hanging over the edge of the table.

2016 DSTILL Showcase Registration
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